The Arts


Our students use their imagination and observation to plan, create and make a variety of art works in their weekly art lesson. At different times they will draw, paint, make collage, develop photography and multi-media skills, engage in printmaking, modelling and textiles.  They develop their skills and understanding of art and artists in the wider world. Students come to art sessions with a wide range of abilities and knowledge and these are catered for in a caring, stimulating and creative environment.


Our students develop their music skills through listening, singing, moving, performing, discussing and creating. They have access to a variety of musical instruments and enjoy the opportunity to create their own music and learn about music from around the world and through history. We have a highly anticipated whole school musical performance each year.

 Extra Curriculum Music activities available include:

  • Private Instrumental lessons
  • String Program
  • Junior Choir
  • State Schools Spectacular