Our Numeracy program is designed to foster students' confidence and competence in working with numbers across various contexts. We prioritise helping students make connections between fundamental mathematical concepts and articulate their thought processes. Additionally, our program emphasises the application of mathematical knowledge to real-world scenarios and encourages students to persevere when tackling complex problems. 

  • A primary focus is to nurture a genuine passion for mathematics in students.

  • Weekly lessons encompass 'toolbox' and 'investigations,' each structured with a 'launch-explore-summarise' approach. (See image below)

  • The Numeracy program's core objective is to cultivate students' proficiency in utilising numbers effectively and confidently.

  • It seeks to enable students to draw connections between major mathematical concepts and communicate their thought processes clearly.

  • The program offers opportunities for students to apply their mathematical knowledge in real-life situations and encourages them to explore different problem-solving approaches.

  • Students are encouraged to collaborate, utilise hands-on materials, and persist when faced with challenging questions.

  • The Numeracy AIP Team, comprising teachers from various grade levels, supports the program's implementation and ensures consistency across the school.

  • Professional development and collaboration with the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) contribute to refining teaching approaches and aligning the program with current research and best practices.