School wide Positive Behaviour Framework

Ivanhoe East Primary School has adopted a SWPBS framework. School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is an evidence-based framework for Victorian government schools for preventing and responding to student behaviour. Instead of using many different behaviour management strategies, a consistent system of expectations for all students is implemented.

It is a proactive approach and focuses on teaching all students agreed expected behaviours and pro-social skills rather than reacting to inappropriate behaviour. This in turn creates a safer and more effective school environment. It involves the establishment of a continuum of behaviour support that considers all students and emphasises prevention, rather than just reacting to inappropriate behaviour. In addition, a small number of students will require highly individualised and comprehensive interventions.

SWPBS uses a tiered intervention framework:

Tier 3 –Targeted Support - 3% to 5% of students, specialised, individualised systems for students with high-risk behaviour, provided in addition to primary and secondary prevention.

Tier 2 –Early Intervention - 7% to 10% of students, additional specialised group systems for students with at-risk behaviour.

Tier 1 – Positive Mental Health Promotion - 85% to 90% of students, universal, school wide, supports for all students, staff and settings, preventative.


Positive Behaviour Management

Ivanhoe East Primary School practices and believes in using positive behaviour management and preventative measures to manage student behaviour and support choices. Research has shown that the implementation of punishment, especially when it is used inconsistently and in the absence of other positive strategies is ineffective. Introducing, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important aspect of a student’s educational experience. Teaching behavioural expectations and rewarding students for following them is a much more positive approach than waiting for misbehaviour to occur before responding.

The purpose of SWPBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm and where students are part of a safe environment where they can focus on their learning. We firmly believe that discipline techniques are most effective when children feel cared for and know that their needs will be met. Our positive behaviour management hierarchy is as follows:

  • Individual teacher rewards acknowledge the everyday things students do that contribute to a positive classroom culture. This is individual to every teacher and their year level, for example positive praise, stickers, quality time, extra choices etc.
  • Student of the week acknowledges students for individual achievements and for the special qualities they bring to their classroom culture.
  • Green Cards acknowledge student demonstrating the school values. Students who earn a Green Card go into a Weekly raffle.

Our Values

Ivanhoe East Primary School has four core values, which reflect our shared beliefs, understandings and view of our desired future and underpin how we operate.

Curiosity is always wanting to learn new things.                        

  • SW2.pngWe ask questions to further our knowledge.

Resilience is persisting through challenging situations.   

    • We see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

    Respect is valuing everyone’s rights, beliefs and differences.

    • We treat everyone equally.

    Friendship is being inclusive and supportive of others.

    • We are kind, honest and trustworthy.


    Respectful Relationships

    Respectful Relationships is an evidence-based whole school approach to promoting positive relationships, social and emotional skills and gender equity within our school community.

    It has been developed to tackle family violence through education and was a recommendation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Evidence is clear that efforts to promote social and emotional skills and positive gender norms in children and young people has been shown to improve health related outcomes and subjective wellbeing.

    Ivanhoe East Primary school utilize the learning materials for each year level for students to develop their social and emotional understandings and skills. The Respectful Relationships learning materials have been produced to align with the Victorian Curriculum.