Vision and Values

Our Moral Purpose

To provide a learning environment where all students are known and cared for so they can be challenged and supported to achieve.


To achieve this we:

  • Build respectful relationships with all members of the school community
  • Foster collaborative practices and shared responsibility for high student growth and wellbeing
  • Utilise purposeful assessment and feedback including student voice and goals to drive teaching and learning

In 2019, students from the Principal Advisory Group led a comprehensive review of our school values. This review ensured that our values reflect the current needs and aspirations of our school community.

Our Values are:

Curiosity is always wanting to learn new things.

We ask questions to further our knowledge.

Resilience is persisting through challenging situations.

We see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Respect is valuing everyone’s rights, beliefs and differences.

We treat everyone equally.

Friendship is being inclusive and supportive of others.

We are kind, empathetic, honest and trustworthy.