Empowering Students

Student Voice and Agency

We place students at the centre of all that we do and we provide opportunities for them to contribute to the development of the learning program. We understand the importance of working with students so that we can engage them in the learning process by listening to them, observing them and ensuring that the learning program reflects their needs and interests.

Our students are independent, creative and flexibile and and our teachers help them to establish specific learning goals so that they know their learning steps.

We respect our students and seek their feedback, opinions and insight to influence whole-school improvement. Please watch this video produced by the Department of Education and Training which showcases our commitment to Student Voice and Agency.

In 2019, we were annouced as the Vic SRC Student Voice Primary School of the Year and you can find out more by reading the IEPS Case Study.

Principal Advisory Group

The Principal Advisory Group is a group of students comprising of the Year 6 Captains and one person from each class from Years 4 -6. The purpose of the group is to provide students with the opportunity to be actively involved in meaningful decision making in the school through:

  • Representing their classmates and their own views.
  • Giving feedback about their experiences at school and sharing their ideas for improvement, including what and how they learn and their social and emotional wellbeing.
  • Open discussions focused on the continued success of IEPS.

Students will meet 2-3 times each term with the principal and the teacher mentors to explore different topics and develop solutions that can be implemented throughout the school.