Just a reminder, on behalf of the Gala team, they are still sourcing Auction items so please contact them directly if you can contribute personally, or through your business.  The success of the Gala auction will have a huge impact on

the fundraising revenue for the school this year so all contributions are hugely appreciated.   Also, if you haven't yet booked your tickets, please do - the more of our school community we can get together for what is sure to be an

amazing event, the better!

Not only was Monday's assembly an amazing display of our students dressed to impress in dozens of different book characters, it also provided our school Captains and a couple of our Preps a platform to acknowledge the

extraordinary commitment and effort everyday of both Ms Dudley and Ms Mackey.  August 2nd is "Principal's Day" but we believed our Principal and Vice Principal deserved to be recognised when the whole school were together so

we chose Monday to celebrate their contribution.  On behalf of the PTFA, thank you both for all you do for our school community.  

As always, if anyone has any feedback, input, ideas or time they would like to contribute to a specific planned event or the PTFA generally, we would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much,

Fiona Galbally (on behalf of the PTFA).