2017 Athletics Recap

Another year of Athletics has wrapped up at IEPS. Again the school was represented with a large number of students at the district, division and regional levels. Well done to all students that have been involved for your excellent efforts at…

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Year 4 Camp Disco

As the word got out, everyone was getting ready for the disco. The excitement poured all over us! We dressed in our best and we were ready for the night. There were suits, leather jackets, onesies, sequins and the prettiest of dresses.…

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Year 4 camp - Portsea

Year 4 camp - Portsea

Last week the Year 4’s went to their first ever school camp at Portsea. Our first stop was at the Enchanted Adventure Gardens. We did the gigantic slide and it felt like it was going 100 kph. The main activity was tree surfing, which is doing…

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Tournament of Minds

On Sunday the 27th August, IEPS had a magnificent day at the regional Tournament of Minds competition. There were three teams competing in the Maths Engineering and Science and Technology and Language Literature categories. The…

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