The Plague of Soft Plastics

The Plague of Soft Plastics

Imagine a beautiful, clean river. Now imagine that river 100 years later, rubbish has taken over and the gorgeous river that was once home to so much native wildlife is now simply a disgusting, flooded rubbish dump. This is devastating – but with your help, we can prevent this from happening to all our precious rivers, streams and oceans. 

Lately, during our Green Team meetings, we have been horrified by the amount of items including plastic bags and other soft plastic that are going to landfill where they take 450 years to decompose. That is the equivalent of roughly twenty generations. This means that if you throw a plastic bag away today it would outlive your great grandchildren. The amount of plastic bags, most of which could have been recycled, in landfill is growing by an astounding 1 000 000 000 000 each year!

These statistics are so horrifying that the Green Team have decided they have to do something about this. We were surprised to know that all our soft plastics (shopping bags, frozen food packaging etc) can be recycled. The Green Team are going to organise a competition to see which class can collect the most soft plastics to be recycled. The class who collects the most plastics, saving them from landfill, will win a hot chocolate morning! Stay tuned for more details over the coming weeks.

Ginny H and Elena C

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Cross Country - Division

Cross Country - Division

A massive well done to the boys and girls who represented the Ivanhoe District and IEPS at the Division Cross Country Championships recently. They ought to be congratulated on their effort and performance on the day. …

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Go Green Convention

Go Green Convention

After a whole term of working on Go Green, all the grade 6s were finally ready to present. Go Green was a convention where students worked together in groups to teach other students and parents about environmental issues and organisations. All the Grade 6s worked really well and hard on these projects and showed off their knowledge at the special afternoon event. It was amazing seeing all our hard work pay off and everyone’s displays looked great. It was an awesome experience for everyone and we loved sharing our information with others.

Thank you to all the parents and students who attended the convention and also, a big thanks to all the Year 6 teachers for getting us prepared. 

By Ella and Lucy 6A


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A Special Assembly to Farewell a Special Person

On the 23rd May everyone in the school gathered for a special assembly to bid our Principal Mrs Maranville farewell on her journey to retirement. To start the celebrations members from the Junior and Senior choirs sang a song called Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye. The Junior School Council members presented Mrs Maranville with her very own ‘Inspirational Principal Awards.’ We knew she would love them, as she is always so proud when she gives out awards to us. …

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