Wipe for Wildlife!

Wipe for Wildlife!

Room 5

Ivanhoe East Primary School

Warncliffe Road

Ivanhoe East 3079

13th September 2016

Dear Teachers, Parents and Students,

Did you know that hundreds of thousands of trees are being chopped down every year? The effect of this is that animals are dying because their habitat is being destroyed. As well as being a habitat for wildlife, trees are important because they protect soil from erosion and they help keep our air clean.

You can make a big difference and help save wildlife by not using a lot of paper, using both sides of the paper, putting used paper into the recycling bin, using scrap paper and buying photocopy paper that is 100% recycled.

Another idea is to make the switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper. The Wipe for Wildlife website at explains that you should look for toilet paper that is made from 100% recycled paper and contains no harsh chemicals.

We hope you can help save our trees, wildlife and our planet.

Yours sincerely,

Ruby, Charlie, Nick, Joslyn, Neil, Tom and Sierra

Grade 3C


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IEPS' State Championship Athletes

IEPS' State Championship Athletes

IEPS has a long and proud history of students representing their school and community by competing at high level sporting and academic events. Recently, that history of representation continued as three of our girls competed at the SSV State Primary Track and Field Championships after terrific results at the Regional Championships. The performances at States were as follows: …

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Tracey Ezard Presentation: Preparing Our Students for the Future

The Community Engagement Committee would like to invite all parents and carers to attend an evening session with Tracey Ezard. Tracey is a highly regarded presenter who works with the Education Department, individual schools, school networks and community and corporate organisations. She has expertise in helping schools build thriving professional learning environments and will be working with the IEPS staff team in 2017.…

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Our Year Threes Visit Healesville Sanctuary

Our Year Threes Visit Healesville Sanctuary

On a crisp Thursday morning the grade threes were itching with excitement to go to Healesville Sanctuary, ready to meet the animal they would study for the next few weeks. When we hopped off the bus we were quite hungry but we wanted to look at one of the animals on the coat of arms, the emu which is known to be quite aggressive with its claws. As well as the emu, we saw the rare, brightly coloured and deadly cassowary before we ate our recess near a hut that had information about endangered species.

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Prep Expo for 2017 Prep Families

Last Thursday night, the IEPS community, led by the wonderful Prep team, welcomed our 2017 Prep families to the school at our annual Prep Expo. This was the first opportunity for all parents to come together ahead of starting their school journey. Thank you to the many members of our parent community from the PTFA and Uniform Shop who attended the event to welcome these new families by sharing their experiences and helping them with uniforms and other vital information. Thank you also to Hilda, Sonia, Ella and Rachel for sharing their expertise and for being such important members of the IEPS community. …

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