Working Bee - Sunday 19th March

This Sunday 19th March the Facilities Committee is holding a Working Bee. All parents are asked to attend to help maintain the new and older gardens, re-fence the new gardens, check and clip the herb garden and prune the roses at the front of the school. The pruning of larger plants will make sure the branches remain compact and safe for our students. The playgrounds need a fresh covering of tan bark and a significant number of people are needed to disperse it.

When - Sunday 19th March …

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Banyule Christmas Gift Appeal

Banyule Christmas Gift Appeal

The school is delighted to be able to share the wonderful results of our recent Social Service fundraising efforts for our community. Below is a photo taken by our Social Service reps of the total number of presents donated by families for the Banyule Christmas Gift Appeal. As the name suggests, these presents will donated to those living within our own community who might otherwise go without this Christmas.  …

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2017 Fair

The 2017 Fair is scheduled to be held on Saturday the 21st October. As a school community we are very proud of the legacy of the IEPS Fair which has raised significant funds over a number of years for building upgrades, resources and the oval redevelopment. The oval is due to be completed by the end of Term 1 next year and we will have a significant community focus for the 2017 event, giving us the opportunity to explore some new ideas. We would like you, the members of our community, to consider whether you would like to be involved in the organisation of the Fair in 2017. The school will form a Fair Committee which will coordinate the organisation of the Fair - the Committee will need both a leader(s) and members. In addition, there are a number of other support roles which are critical to the success of the Fair. …

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Year Three Immigration Museum Excursion

Year Three Immigration Museum Excursion

Year Three Immigration Museum Excursion

On Tuesday the 18th of October, 3L and 3E went to the immigration museum. Firstly, we had our recess, and saw this fountain with all these names on it. There were probably hundreds upon hundreds of names embedded on the jet black memorial stone. It was surrounded by a lush green garden and walls with yet more names up for display. After we finished our snack and our observation of the glorious fountain and the magnificent garden, we started to explore the museum with a lady who told us about two migrants, one in the 19th century and one in the 20th century. The two cunning newcomers were two ladies called Cuc Lam, who had a tough time in Vietnam because her country had turned into a dangerous battlefield, so she escaped and became a refugee, and there was Rebecca Greaves who wrote an ancient letter in cursive writing to her uncle about her migration to Victoria, and two years later some of her brothers tried their luck at the goldfields, but alas, no such chance.…

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