The grade 4’s had a great time at the Hands on Science Incursion. We learnt about forces, magnets, newtons and simple machines.

In small groups, we did lots of experiments to see the different ways forces can make things move or change. The first one we did was to see how many newtons (the measurement of force) were needed to lift, drag and roll a container of rocks.  We found it was easier to roll them – it used much less force! The next experiment was to see which ends of a magnet repel and which ends attract. We also created static electricity by rubbing some wool onto a plastic stick. This electricity attracted a piece of plastic that was acting as a wind sail on a small, floating boat. We used the static electricity to guide the boat around the container of water. Next, we made rockets using straws and paper. We had to find ways of keeping it in the air for the longest by creating air resistance. Finally, we made gas in a small test tube until it built up and forced the lid to pop right off!

We really enjoyed the incursion and will keep investigating to understand the ideas.

By Leo Varasdi (4T)

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Hands On Science 3