On Tuesday 28th July, all the year 5s were bursting with excitement on the way to Camp Coonawarra. Their minds were filled with questions, what was camp like? Will it be fun? What will our cabins be like? We all felt nervous and excited at the same time. We couldn’t wait to get out of the bus and see what was coming our way.


After 4 hours of solid driving, we finally saw the Camp Coonawarra Farm Resort sign and were relieved. Even though we still had a long, bumpy ride up the driveway ahead of us, we’d made it and were so eager to get off the bus. All the students were buzzing with excitement and we were very curious about what was in store for us.


Camp Coonawarra was extraordinary, the enchanting lake was glistening in the sun. The mountains were tremendously tall and ran for as far as the eye could see. We were amazed by the pristine landscape and the grass was a brilliant shade of emerald green. 

Camp 2   Camp 1


We all knew that Camp Coonawarra had crazily fun and scary activities and we were about to experience the best time of our lives. The Giant Swing was the best, it was about 18 metres tall and was a freefall the whole way down! The flying fox was so much fun. We got into a harness and admired the breath taking scenery. The archery was terrific, especially the felling we got when we hit the target! When we did canoeing we got covered in mud and soaked! The high ropes was so hard. Lots of us fell but were caught in our harness! Initiatives was when we did all sorts of group building activities. We also did hut building and damper making. Unfortunately it was too windy outside so we couldn’t make damper but hut building was a blast! To test how good our huts were we got soaked with water!

Camp 3   Camp 4


Thank you to all the teachers and parents that came we had the best time of our lives! It was so much fun going on camp - every minute was a new adventure!                


By Lucinda, Chau, Marissa and Christine