In Week 3, the Level 2 students had a delightful time aboard ‘The Polly Woodside Ship.’ The excursion was part of the Integrated Studies topic Past in the Present where students discovered what life was like on the historical vessel.

On Polly Woodside we had to scrub the deck, to get the feeling of how the sailors felt about scrubbing the deck in 1885. It was tiring because of the friction used to push the old broom on the deck. We scrubbed the deck because the deck was as dirty as a pig. The straw on the broom stick helped clean the deck. In the past they didn’t have the same materials as we have now. The sea men had to have good eyesight and good hearing to hear the bell and see rocks approaching. The ship is 130 years old


By Oliver and Jensen – 2J

Polly Woodside 1