It was a cool, wet Friday morning and we packed up and put on our jackets. We had an amazing day ahead of us at Healesville Sanctuary. We walked down the stairs holding our breath with excitement.

We got on the bus with our partners and set off. During the trip we went through a tunnel. Later in the morning we got off the bus and started walking down the wet dirt track. We sat with our friends on the wrinkled rocks in the eating area having a snack. Then Mr Rose, Mrs Calvert and Mrs Tombolato put the lunches in the lockers.


After snack we started walking down the track where the zookeeper showed us the red kangaroos. The spirited kangaroos, months before, had given birth to joeys who were still in their mother's pouches. The kangaroo mothers were very big.

Later on, after our feet had trudged through the mud to take us to the other side of the sanctuary, we saw the emus. We saw them walk around the place. Their white eyes stared at us with suspicion and we were grossed out. Some emus stood there still like statues, their chiffon feathers obstructing our view of the others. Then we walked to the platypus enclosure already hypnotised by this amazing sanctuary.

Next we went inside and saw night animals, the playpuses and the eels. After that we saw the Birds of Prey show which was unbelievable. The birds were really fast and clever. The cockatoo caught the food the zookeeper threw while it was flying!

DSC 0467

Then we had lunch. After lunch we checked out the snakes and reptiles which are some of the most deadly animals in the world. It was very scary.

DSC 0487

Then we looked at the Tasmanian devils and the wombats.

After that we got on the bus and went back to school through another tunnel. By then we felt really tired. We went inside, packed up and went home.

All in all we had an awesome day, we really loved it. Thanks to Mrs Tombolato, Mrs Calvert and Mr Rose for organising it and thanks to Lana, Gita, Prue and the parents for coming along with us.

By Lucy D, Nicholas N, Tian P and Eden C in 3L