Yet again the IEPS community has banded together to raise money for a worthy cause. JSC Member Annie and School Captian Aidan explain:

The earthquake in Nepal was horrible news as many have lost their lives and many more are now homeless. Though we were all deeply saddened by the catastrophic event, the JSC made a decision to call on the IEPS community to raise money to help. Again we proved that no natural disaster or cause is too big for an IEPS Casual Clothes Day Fundraiser, as we managed to raise a record-breaking sum of $1,254.75! Nora Wollard, the CEO of the Seven Women Foundation based in Nepal, received all the donations and will send them off to Nepal to help with repair, rebuilding and the longer term support of the communities.

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In addition to the fundraiser on Tuesday, Mrs. Vickery organised a stall to sell special garments such as scarves, gloves, coasters, socks and more. All of the products sold at the store were hand made by the Seven Women Foundation in Nepal. In doing so, we made another $2,500 while getting ourselves ready for the coming winter.

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A very big thanks must go to Ms. Coulter and Mrs. Vickery who organised these great events. Thanks must also go to the donators of the money we raised, as 100% is going to much needed recipients in Nepal.

By Annie and Aidan

For further information on the Seven Women Foundation, visit All of the beautiful handcrafted products sold at the fundraiser are available on their website and your money will go to a wonderful cause.