At the School Council meeting in November 2017 a number of our policies were updated to reflect the Department of Education and Training’s latest advice regarding situations where a Working With Children Check is required. School

Council agreed that from the beginning of 2018 all parents /carers, who wish to volunteer their time in whatever capacity, will be required to have a WWC check.

The Working With Children Check is a minimum checking standard set by the Working with Children Act 2005 for those who work with children, either on a paid or voluntary basis. To be a volunteer at a school a Working with Children Card

provided by the Department of Justice is required. This card is:

  • valid for 5 years
  • transferable between volunteer organisations
  • free of charge for volunteers, but cannot be used for paid employment.

You can apply online using this link:

When you have received your card, please bring it to the office so that we can make a copy and inform the class teacher.

Thank you.