The 2017 year 5HC students all came to school unaware of what we were about to be told. We sat on the floor as the teacher filled our minds with the most incredible news. We were going to plan our own adventure around the city!

We were given a budget of $35 and had to earn the money by doing chores at home and recording our jobs and amounts given in our bankbook. We had to organise events to go to in the city. Each group had to come up with their own

plan with at least two activities to do, figure out schedules for the day and the budget. Weeks passed and finally the big day we all planned for was here. We all came to school eager for the experience!

An example of one of the groups’ activities included Artvo and Eureka Sky deck. Other groups went to Mini Glow Golf, the MCG, Melbourne Museum and the National Art Gallery. A couple of the most popular lunch destinations were

Schnitz and McDonalds.  

When the day finished we were all so disappointed that it came to an end, but we knew we would never forget the amazing time we spent in the city.

Written by Lucy D.