As the word got out, everyone was getting ready for the disco. The excitement poured all over us! We dressed in our best and we were ready for the night. There were suits, leather jackets, onesies, sequins and the prettiest of dresses.

Once it was finally time for the disco, we all rushed to get in first. As the loud music thumped out of the speaker, we danced until our feet felt sore. It was so fun! DJ Ryan held a girls versus boys dance off. In the first round the boys won but

then in the second round the girls won! There should have been a third round because then we could have seen who really were the best Grade 4 dancers but sadly there wasn’t. Throughout the night we saw many great moves and people

really showed their dance skills. The teachers needed the most improvement! Jack A and Angelique M got crowned KING AND QUEEN of the disco, in a very close contest! It was a great way to celebrate the final night of our camp.

We want to thank Miss Christopher, Miss Ennoss, Miss Herbert, Miss Silvestro, Mr Phillips and Mr Bartlett for organising a fabulous camp!

Jenny T and Jack A 4E