Last week the Year 4’s went to their first ever school camp at Portsea. Our first stop was at the Enchanted Adventure Gardens. We did the gigantic slide and it felt like it was going 100 kph. The main activity was tree surfing, which is doing

obstacles in the sky on wire. The only annoying thing was that the teachers (Miss Christopher and Miss Ennoss) were really, really slow. Once we arrived at camp, we went to the beach. It was warm and we got lots of vitamin D.  Wading

into the shallow water and taking photos from the pier was a highlight.

The next morning, we began the phenomenal camp activities. As they pulled us higher and higher on the giant swing, our hearts were pounding really fast. It felt like the world stopped as they were about to drop us and we were going to

fall and slam straight into the ground. As we dropped from the sky, our hands tightened on the rope with fear. Swinging out across the trees, it felt like we were going to keep flying forever. Swinging back, the fear turned into joyfulness as we

started to trust the safety of the rope. Gliding through the air, it felt like we were on top of the world. We conquered our fears, even the teachers did who seemed the most scared.

Overall, we had such an amazing time at the Portsea camp and we thank Phil, Frank and Kim who took time away from their work to help us. We also thank the teachers for planning an unbelievable experience for us.

Henric E and Leo M 4H.