On Sunday the 27th August, IEPS had a magnificent day at the regional Tournament of Minds competition. There were three teams competing in the Maths Engineering and Science and Technology and Language Literature categories. The

first was a long term challenge that they had prepared for six weeks. The Maths Engineering Challenge One Way Trip involved designing and making a lottery machine only using 10 balls with 1million possible candidates to win three of the

10 balls which had to be certain, while the others had to be anonymous. The Science and Technology Challenge Celestial Revolutions involved a performance discussing Galileo’s theories on Jupiter’s moons.  The Language Literature

Challenge Hidden Gems involved taking characters out of their texts and placing them in a new narrative and showcasing their hidden talents by solving a new problem.  All teams prepared incredibly well and performed to their best. The

teams also had to compete in a short term spontaneous challenge. This involved being locked in a room for five minutes and responding creatively as a team to a creative thinking challenge. The spontaneous challenge required a high level

of team work and abstract thinking skills. Mrs Jay was also able to judge other schools competing in the region. Congratulations to the Language Literature team; Ginny, Scotia, Aidan, Talia, Dimitri, Skana and Elena who came home with

‘honours’ in the northern metro region. Mrs Amanthi Jayasinghe and Mrs Judy Garner would like to thank all the parents of students for their support and also congratulate the Students on such a pleasing result.