On Monday, the 8th May, the class of 5C was informed about a charity called ‘love your sister’, a charity raising money for cancer research by collecting 5 cent coins. They were touched by this and decided to take action! On Tuesday,

5C alone collected over 1000 coins! They decided they could raise a lot more money by including the other classes of years 5 and 6 in the charity. Some willing 5C students covered the perimeter of four tables in coins, and asking

students to bring in 5-cent coins the next day. On Wednesday, all the classes together collected over 4000 coins! We were so glad that the students cared so much about this cause! The very same day some representative girls from 5C

proudly took the money down to Bendigo bank. Then in Session 6 we were informed by the bank that year 5 and 6 raised $215 dollars! As well as feeling proud, the classes of 5 and 6 learnt that no matter how small, everything counts!