IEPS has a long and proud history of students representing their school and community by competing at high level sporting and academic events. Recently, that history of representation continued as three of our girls competed at the SSV State Primary Track and Field Championships after terrific results at the Regional Championships. The performances at States were as follows: 

  • Zoe S (Year 5) competed in the 11 year old girls 100m Sprint and the Long Jump, making the finals for both. 
  • Cindy L (Year 4) competed in the 10 year old girls Triple Jump and narrowly missed the finals. 
  • Juliet K (Year 3) competed in the 10 year old girls Long Jump and made the finals. Her efforts are particularly tremendous given she is competing 'up an age group' against Year 4 girls. 

All three of the girls reported feeling very nervous before their events but managed to push through and do their best. For both Cindy and Zoe, athletics is their 'second sport' and have done particularly well given they are competing against much more experienced girls. All three also note how proud they are of their results. 

We congratulate all three of the girls on their achievements and their wonderful conduct on the day. We must also thank Mr Bartlett and the parents for supporting the girls through to this level. Good luck next year girls! 

IMG 1215


Juliet Kelly State Ljump 2016 1