On Thursday the 18th of August 5C prepared the best mini Olympics for their buddy class Prep JA. As the lunch bell rang their hearts pounded as they prepared themselves for a prep tornado. 

Then they saw the excited preps laughing while walking down the ramp. All the groups did last minute checks, making sure they were ready. The preps were lead to their seats by Ruby and welcomed by Trent. Though the preps took a while to settle down soon everything was running as planned. Sam M explained the Welcoming Ceremony and handed each of the preps a card. The preps were then ushered to their place and the ceremony commenced. The torch was passed from prep to prep and soon found its way to Miss A, the prep’s teacher. 

Then, when all the preps were settled they were put into groups Ruby did a great job at explaining what and where they had to go. Each prep group had a leader who was in charge of taking them to their next rotation.

The preps participated in mini basketball, egg and spoon races, a relay, long jump and mini soccer kicking. The Year Five students loved creating and designing the activities. 

Time flew by and soon it was time for the closing ceremony. All the preps were so excited to get their Gold Medals but had gone home with something even better, they had learnt teamwork skills and respect.

By Ruby C & Ginny H

Mini Olympics 1   Mini Olympics 2

Mini Olympics 3