On the 23rd May everyone in the school gathered for a special assembly to bid our Principal Mrs Maranville farewell on her journey to retirement. To start the celebrations members from the Junior and Senior choirs sang a song called Wish Me Luck as You Wave Me Goodbye. The Junior School Council members presented Mrs Maranville with her very own ‘Inspirational Principal Awards.’ We knew she would love them, as she is always so proud when she gives out awards to us. 

We know our School Council President, Mr Richards, knows first-hand how committed Mrs Maranville is to our school. He gave a wonderful speech about how she has influenced the school and its pupils.

Year 3 students Amy M, Juliet K and Sierra K presented a very special handmade card, displaying photos of all the teachers and their grades.

The Junior School Council Co-captains Paul and Michaela shared a heart-warming departure speech, highlighting the fun and memorable times Mrs Maranville has shared with us. 

An interesting fact about Mrs Maranville is that before her days as Assistant Principal and eventually Principal she was a classroom teacher, art and library teacher. Because we know Mrs Maranville loves books so much, we decided to construct a picture story book about her time at IEPS, illustrated by our very own students, 23 pages, one for each class! As Evan B from Year 6 read the story to the school, Mrs Maranville silently read through the pages seeing the beautiful art work we had created.

Mrs Maranville then gave a very inspirational speech addressing the school (thankfully there were no tears, but we did have tissues on hand!).

On behalf of all the students of I.E.P.S., we thank you for all your hard work in being our inspirational, fantastic Principal for an amazing 10 years and 5 years as Assistant Principal. As we wish you farewell, we hope this is not goodbye and that you drop in to visit us from time to time. Best wishes for your retirement from all of us at IEPS.

By Ruwan and Seren – 6A JSC representatives