One of the students' favourite presenters Professor Bunsen visited the Year Threes again this week and put on the most brilliant Solids and Liquids demonstration. The photos and the students' own written comments really do show just how much fun they had. 

Professor Bunsen discussed a range of early chemistry concepts including states of matter, reversible and irreversible change, the adding and removing heat to matter, the production of gases such as carbon dioxide in the mixing or combining of matter and the nature of fire. His presentation supplemented our Year Three topic of Solids and Liquids beautifully. 

Julian H reflected: 

On Tuesday the 24th of May the grade threes went to an amazing show with Professor Bunsen. We went in kind of bored but came out pleasantly surprised, because it was sooooooo amazing. I’ll tell you why.

My favourite experiments were the ones with fire. (I like danger by the way, it makes things interesting!). By the way, fun fact: ping pong balls are made of cotton and can burn easily. 

At the end, just to make things interesting, Professor Bunsen did a coke and Mentos experiment, but did you know that you could use any solid, but people probably use Mentos because it tastes good with the coke.

Some other experiments he did were an overflowing cupcake, where a girl from another class warmed up her hands and made some coffee and egg turn into a cupcake. Also at the start he did an experiment with two coloured bottles which was a bit boring but things got more interesting towards the end when he got a plastic bottle with a stress ball in the top and he put some sprayed petrol in the bottle and before that he blew into the bottle and then he got a lighter and set it alight into the air of the bottle and……. BANG!!!! The ball flew through the air and bounced off the wall.

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