On Friday May 6th the grade 4s went on an excursion to the Botanic Gardens. When we got there we had recess then we headed off on our tour. We looked at some plants like horse’s tongue on the way to our first stop. 

At our first stop we looked at leaves and flowers with microscopes and some of them were pretty amazing. After we looked at the leaves and flowers we headed off to the Hothouse which as you can imagine was pretty hot. One of the plants in the Hothouse had very big leaves to absorb as much water as it can.

After that we went and planted our own little flowers we were told that to look after flowers we needed soil, water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. 

It was a great trip and all the grade 4s enjoyed it. 

By Aidan H, 4A

In the hothouse   Looking through the microscopes

Playing in the oak leaves