Friday the 4th of March was Clean Up Australia Day. This year our effort was even better than last year’s! An estimated 572,406 volunteers including the students of IEPS picked up rubbish on Clean Up Australia Day. The year fives headed down to the Ivanhoe shops and picked up a whopping 1713 pieces of rubbish. The whole school picked up a massive amount of rubbish around the school and in the local area. As a school we picked up 5028 pieces of rubbish and we hope we made a big contribution to the rest of Australia and the environment. It is great to know we removed all the rubbish from our school, but it is sad to know that there was so much rubbish to begin with. Congratulations to 6P for winning the raffle, we hope you enjoy the icy-poles (and we hope we don’t find wrappers on the grounds - there are a lot of bins near the canteen).

We are hoping to organise some other clean up days this year.

Thank you to everyone that helped clean up Australia!

Written by Sarah P and Christian T.