IEPS Canteen Philosophy

‘Healthy food is brain food’

The IEPS canteen embraces and supports a whole school approach to healthy eating.  

We believe that young children growing and developing in a primary school learning environment should be supported to receive the healthiest food we can give them - freshly prepared foods made with minimal processing and additives and full of good nutrition.

Our canteen menu is structured according to the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia as well as being supported by the Victorian Healthy Eating Advisory Service. On offer are a variety of healthy choices with our menu changed seasonally.

We aim to provide children with consistent messages about healthy eating to help them develop their own healthy food choices and we have a supportive volunteer base to ensure healthy foods are available and encouraged.

The school canteen is striving toward sustainability with composting, recycling and purchasing of seasonal foods and goods from local suppliers. We encourage the use of fabric lunch bags instead of paper bags and the use of environmentally friendly food packaging. Children are encouraged to participate in sustainable food related activities such as the growing of herbs which are used in the canteen and maintaining a worm and compost area.

Here are some shots of our beautiful menu items:

Alldrinkvarieties   ApricotBalls

ChickenWrap   Delites

Muffins   Soupwithbreadroll

VegetableLasagne   Yoghurtwithfruitandmuesli


About Our Canteen

The canteen is open five days a week for students to place a lunch order or buy snack items over the counter during recess and lunch times. Orders are placed in classroom tubs and sent to the canteen by 9.30 each morning. Student monitors collect the tubs at lunch eating time and take the filled orders to their classrooms.

On both the Winter and Summer menus there are 2 lunch specials available each day whilst wraps, rolls and sandwiches with a variety of delicious fillings are available every day. In winter soup and hot chocolate can be purchased over the counter.  A range of healthy snacks such as fruit, frozen fruit salad, fruit and yoghurt cups, dips and veggie sticks and freshly made fruit muffins are also available as counter sales at recess and lunch time.

Our canteen manager Sonia Stier is highly skilled and makes many of the food items herself with the wonderful support of parents who volunteer to help for whatever amount of time they can spare. Once or twice per term there is a special lunch day (sushi is a firm favorite), with no other lunch items able to be ordered. A special order form is sent home well in advance.  

Please feel free to contact Sonia in the canteen via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 9499 2171 if you would like to assist in any way.