We believe that a curriculum which equips students for the challenging world of the twenty-first century needs to ensure that students are supported to take increasing responsibility for their own learning, their physical, personal and social wellbeing, their relationships with others and their role in the local, national and global community.

Students are more likely to develop a strong commitment to the community and its future if they can take part in determining its direction. Participation in decision making at the school level is a means through which students are able to develop responsibility and experience the democratic process.

Leadership roles are not restricted to the older students but rather encourage all students to actively participate in the life and function of the school. At IEPS we have classroom  monitors, the Green Team who have a sustainability focus, Social Service Committee members who raise funds for worthy causes, sports captains, tour guides who are ‘Meeters and Greeters’ and many opportunities for students to undertake Master of Ceremony roles.

At Ivanhoe East Primary School the Junior School Council is a key opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate leadership skills as they actively participate in decision-making within their school community. Their personal attributes are also important.

As with all student leadership positions, Junior School Councilors have explicit and clear roles and responsibilities.

School Leadership in Action

Like many communities, Ivanhoe East Primary School was deeply saddened to hear of the recent loss and devastation caused by earthquakes in Nepal.

With the guidance and support of our staff, the IEPS Junior School Council acted quickly to make a difference. A report on the fundraising effort spearheaded by our JSC can be found on our Recent News page.

We were delighted to later discover that the local Leader Newspaper wished to publish an article on our JSC. Here is a copy of that article.

Screen Shot 2015 05 29 at 9.10.51 am

Screen Shot 2015 05 29 at 9.11.46 am

Athletic Achievement

Ivanhoe East Primary School has a long tradition of student achievement and success on the sporting field. At the recent zone cross country event, three of our students were successful in achieving top ten results and have subsequently been invited to compete in the regional championships later this term. A fantastic achievement! Well done Zoe, Lennox and Ryan and best wishes for the coming event!

Lennox Zoe Division CC 10 Jun 2015