In 1925 a group of parents and community members banded together to lobby the current government to set aside land in semi-rural East Ivanhoe on which to build a new school. They were not happy to allow their children to ride their horses or walk 1 ½ miles on unmade roads to Ivanhoe or Heidelberg Primary School each day.

June 2, 1930 saw the school officially open with 104 pupils of varying ages housed in a red two storey brick building built to house 450. The vision and drive of the East Ivanhoe Progress Association laid the foundation for the future ethos of the community.

Geographically located eight kilometers north-east of the city centre in a well-established attractive residential area, close to parklands, a small retail area and a number of community facilities, the school has gained an admirable reputation within the community and wider educational circles for providing high quality, leading edge education. The staff and parents endeavor to cater for the development and needs of the whole child: their social, emotional, creative, academic and physical well-being and development. There is a record of consistently high student achievements in many diverse fields. Demand for enrolment exceeds capacity hence there is a need for an enrolment ceiling.

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Ivanhoe East Primary School also shows a significant commitment to building relationships with the wider community which includes local pre-school centers, Government and non-government primary and post-primary schools, tertiary institutions, municipal council bodies as well as our local traders.

Deemed a highly effective school, its leadership seeks continuous improvement through use of current research, reflective and evaluative practices, monitoring of performance, participative decision-making and high levels of accountability. The staff are valued and supported not only for their professional contribution to strengthening and enriching the learning community they have chosen to be part of but also as individuals. There has been a significant ongoing commitment to professional development of staff to support their growth, professional satisfaction and building of teacher capacity which transfers into high levels of student achievement.

Since the 1930’s the school facilities have been extensively expanded to ensure that students learn in attractive, architecturally designed facilities which cater for the diverse aspects of curriculum necessary for a high quality education in the 21 century.

The greatest period of construction has taken place in the past 4 years with the addition of two new buildings. The architecturally striking senior school has 8 classrooms, a significant ‘break out’ space and a library and technology centre. The other building is fondly referred to as the S.P.A.C.E. (Sport, Performing Arts, Community and Education) Centre. Originally a gym built in the 1980’s through the drive, entrepreneurial skills and financial acumen of the parent body, this building was then refurbished and greatly expanded. This was achieved once again through the initiative and vision shown by the school, the parent body, and the sponsorship of the local community. This state of the art facility consists of a gym, music rooms, a meeting room, Out of School Hours Care facilities and also a Performing Arts room.

Grounds were also greatly enhanced through the completion of Stages 1 & 2 of the Landscape Master Plan and now provide safe pathways, attractive gardens, eating spaces and very importantly enticing play spaces which cater for imaginative, creative passive and also active play

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“The purpose of IEPS is to provide a safe, inspirational and challenging educational environment that encourages each student to strive to achieve their potential and look confidently to the future as articulate, curious and responsible, lifelong learners.”


“IEPS is and will continue to be an exemplar of public education supported by an informed, connected and positive community. It will continue to be a vibrant learning environment that nurtures partnerships and diversity, originality, reinforces shared community values and strives for excellence in all endeavors.”