From Our Principal


It is a pleasure, as principal of this exceptional school, to extend a very warm welcome to you, your child and family to our dynamic learning community.

The Ivanhoe East Primary School community greatly values learning, education, social competence and healthy relationships. A strong sense of moral purpose leads to high aspirations and seeks to provide the best possible learning environment for current and future students.

Students are respected as individuals, encouraged to be active and co-operative and develop into curious and inquiring students able to accept increasing responsibility for their own learning and conduct. We encourage each student to give of their best efforts and develop a caring, responsible and proactive attitude towards helping others and ensuring future environmental sustainability.

The school’s values of integrity, co-operation, respect, learning, caring and fun very much reflect the school's culture and the community the school serves.

Our core purpose is to develop well-rounded students who have every opportunity to gain all the skills and attributes needed to contribute significantly to our future society. As well as the provision of a strong academic program complemented by rich programs promoting creativity, the arts, physical activity, healthy living and languages, the school is committed to building community and social capital.

A key feature of our school is the consistently high level of parental involvement and support in all aspects of the school each year, which is reflective of a strong and healthy partnership between home and school. The wider community utilises our facilities including an indoor basketball court complex, grounds, Performing Arts rooms and meeting rooms.

Extensive intervention and enrichment programs cater for student diversity with an emphasis on intellectually challenging and extending them. Students excel in a range of extra-curricular activities such as the performing arts, public speaking and sports. The wide use of technology to enhance learning is evident as is the strategic construction of extensive new facilities to cater for 21st Century learning needs.

With a current enrolment of approximately 550 students, the school is generally organised into single year level classes with a multi-age class where numbers require this. Staff at each year level work closely in teams to plan and deliver excellent classroom programs. Our teachers are proactive, approachable, highly capable and dedicated to ensuring that every student in their care achieves to the very best of their abilities.

We look forward to sharing and significantly contributing to the exciting educational journey you and your child are about to embark upon.

Mrs Justine Mackey

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Principal's Blog

Mother of God site

As mentioned at last week’s information sessions; I was hoping to be able to provide you with a timeline regarding the next steps for our use of the MoG site. I am working closely with DET and hope to have the relevant information as soon as

possible so that we can develop a clear and definite timeline.

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Sharing our Learning at IEPS

Thank you to our Leadership and teaching teams for sharing the key focus areas of the school at last week’s Information evenings. The high levels of attendance demonstrate the importance of these events and we look forward to continuing the

conversation with you about your child’s learning throughout the year.

All of our teachers work together in their teaching teams to target teaching for their students and are also members of a team that has a focus on the work of the Annual Implementation plan. This year we have four AIP teams with a focus on Literacy,

Numeracy, Student Voice and Agency and Student Wellbeing. Teaching teams are sending the term overviews to families via Compass this week.



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This Friday the Year 3 and 4s are holding an expo to showcase the work they have been doing about Pride. The Expo will be held from 2.30 to 3.15pm in the break-out space upstairs and parents and family members are invited to…

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The Performing Arts Rooms and foyer were flooded in the heavy rain we received on Tuesday. The Department had tradesmen out promptly on Wednesday to commence the process of drying out the floors with large fans. Unfortunately, this

means the spaces are not able to be used until rectification works are complete, hence the tape and locked doors.


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