From Our Principal


It is a pleasure, as principal of this exceptional school, to extend a very warm welcome to you, your child and family to our dynamic learning community.

The Ivanhoe East Primary School community greatly values learning, education, social competence and healthy relationships. A strong sense of moral purpose leads to high aspirations and seeks to provide the best possible learning environment for current and future students.

Students are respected as individuals, encouraged to be active and co-operative and develop into curious and inquiring students able to accept increasing responsibility for their own learning and conduct. We encourage each student to give of their best efforts and develop a caring, responsible and proactive attitude towards helping others and ensuring future environmental sustainability.

The school’s values of integrity, co-operation, respect, learning, caring and fun very much reflect the school's culture and the community the school serves.

Our core purpose is to develop well-rounded students who have every opportunity to gain all the skills and attributes needed to contribute significantly to our future society. As well as the provision of a strong academic program complemented by rich programs promoting creativity, the arts, physical activity, healthy living and languages, the school is committed to building community and social capital.

A key feature of our school is the consistently high level of parental involvement and support in all aspects of the school each year, which is reflective of a strong and healthy partnership between home and school. The wider community utilises our facilities including an indoor basketball court complex, grounds, Performing Arts rooms and meeting rooms.

Extensive intervention and enrichment programs cater for student diversity with an emphasis on intellectually challenging and extending them. Students excel in a range of extra-curricular activities such as the performing arts, public speaking and sports. The wide use of technology to enhance learning is evident as is the strategic construction of extensive new facilities to cater for 21st Century learning needs.

With a current enrolment of approximately 550 students, the school is generally organised into single year level classes with a multi-age class where numbers require this. Staff at each year level work closely in teams to plan and deliver excellent classroom programs. Our teachers are proactive, approachable, highly capable and dedicated to ensuring that every student in their care achieves to the very best of their abilities.

We look forward to sharing and significantly contributing to the exciting educational journey you and your child are about to embark upon.

Mrs Justine Mackey

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Principal's Blog

Reminder - Parent Opinion Survey

The 2018 Parent Opinion Survey is currently open to those parents who were selected by the Department of Education via a random generator which invites approximately 30% of our enrolments to complete the survey. All government

schools are required to participate in the survey, which contributes to parent engagement and assists with school planning and improvement. The survey closes on the 26th of August and we would appreciate you taking the time to provide

your feedback if you received an invitation to participate.


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School Banking

Many of our students have junior bank accounts at the Bendigo Bank and over the years we have had parents who have volunteered to take the bank books with their deposits to the bank each week. However, due to a lack of participation in

the school banking program, we are considering moving to a model where parents would be responsible for taking their child’s bank book directly to the bank when making a deposit.  We will continue to monitor participation rates over the

coming weeks and will make a final decision by the end of this term.  If your child is, or has been, a participant and you value the program please make an effort to contribute to signal your desire to keep school banking going.


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Father’s Day Stall

On Thursday August 30th  we will be holding our annual Father’s Day Stall with a fantastic selection of gifts for that special dad/grandad in the children’s life.  They can buy something from the stall to help celebrate this special day.  Some of the

presents will be coming around to the classrooms so the children have a sneak peek of the things that they will be able to buy on the day.  Please remember to send along money, as well as a plastic bag with your child’s name on it to take their

presents home.

If you are available to help on the stall anytime between 9am -10.40am or 11.20-12.40pm then please email Bec Bolden This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Huge thanks to Cindy Shearer and Lisa Smith for coordinating this event.


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