From Our Principal


It is a pleasure, as principal of this exceptional school, to extend a very warm welcome to you, your child and family to our dynamic learning community.

The Ivanhoe East Primary School community greatly values learning, education, social competence and healthy relationships. A strong sense of moral purpose leads to high aspirations and seeks to provide the best possible learning environment for current and future students.

Students are respected as individuals, encouraged to be active and co-operative and develop into curious and inquiring students able to accept increasing responsibility for their own learning and conduct. We encourage each student to give of their best efforts and develop a caring, responsible and proactive attitude towards helping others and ensuring future environmental sustainability.

The school’s values of integrity, co-operation, respect, learning, caring and fun very much reflect the school's culture and the community the school serves.

Our core purpose is to develop well-rounded students who have every opportunity to gain all the skills and attributes needed to contribute significantly to our future society. As well as the provision of a strong academic program complemented by rich programs promoting creativity, the arts, physical activity, healthy living and languages, the school is committed to building community and social capital.

A key feature of our school is the consistently high level of parental involvement and support in all aspects of the school each year, which is reflective of a strong and healthy partnership between home and school. The wider community utilises our facilities including an indoor basketball court complex, grounds, Performing Arts rooms and meeting rooms.

Extensive intervention and enrichment programs cater for student diversity with an emphasis on intellectually challenging and extending them. Students excel in a range of extra-curricular activities such as the performing arts, public speaking and sports. The wide use of technology to enhance learning is evident as is the strategic construction of extensive new facilities to cater for 21st Century learning needs.

With a current enrolment of approximately 550 students, the school is generally organised into single year level classes with a multi-age class where numbers require this. Staff at each year level work closely in teams to plan and deliver excellent classroom programs. Our teachers are proactive, approachable, highly capable and dedicated to ensuring that every student in their care achieves to the very best of their abilities.

We look forward to sharing and significantly contributing to the exciting educational journey you and your child are about to embark upon.

Mrs Justine Mackey

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Principal's Blog

Two minute parking

Please remember that the 2 minute parking at the front of the school should only be used for a quick drop off or pick up. It is important to consider others who need to use this area so please do not park longer than the 2 minutes. This will ensure the parking is accessed by those who need it and will minimise congestion around the school. We also ask you to supervise your children when they are crossing the road and exiting cars and please remember that double parking is dangerous and illegal.…

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Fruit Angels

Recently the Community Engagement Committee reviewed the ‘free fruit’ program provided by the Fruit Angels. This review identified that it is often difficult to fill the roster of volunteers required to run the program and there is a significant cost to the school to provide the fruit each week.…

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Curriculum Day October 31st

Please remember that there will be a curriculum day on Monday October 31st so that our staff can work with Charles Lovitt to help build our understanding of creating challenging learning tasks in mathematics. Students are not expected to be at school on this day. If you require OSHClub on this day, do contact them by Monday 24th October to secure a place for your child as the program will only run if sufficient numbers are received. 

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Tracey Ezard Presentation: Preparing Our Students for the Future

The Community Engagement Committee would like to invite all parents and carers to attend an evening session with Tracey Ezard. Tracey is a highly regarded presenter who works with the Education Department, individual schools, school networks and community and corporate organisations. She has expertise in helping schools build thriving professional learning environments and will be working with the IEPS staff team in 2017. …

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Planning for 2017

We will be sending all families a form via Compass that will allow you to nominate appropriate learning partners for your child as part of our preparation for forming class groups for 2017. This information will be used in conjunction with teachers’ knowledge and expertise and must be provided by Friday October 28. …

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