It is disappointing to have to write this article. It seems that there are a very few students in our school who do not respect school property and look after it appropriately. In particular the boys’ toilets attached to the main building are frequently in a poor state. Food is used to block the urinal, taps are left on to flood the floor, paper is strewn all over the floor and hand wash is smeared all over the walls, basins and floors.

Cleaners also report that the boys’ toilet in the main building upstairs is also being misused. As well leaving taps running, toilet paper is being pushed through to an outside ledge making it very difficult to remove. There is no excuse for this behaviour, which does not align with our school value of CARE and RESPECT.

I would encourage all parents to remind their children to respect school property and the importance of keeping our facilities in a tidy and hygienic state.