Each year the Department of Education and Training conducts Parent and Staff surveys to monitor school climate. Only a small group of randomly selected (by the Education Department) families are sent a survey to complete. There are 18 aspects of school life looked at and these are in three categories:

1. School Climate including School Improvement, Approachability, Teacher Morale, Parent Input, Stimulating Learning, Behaviour Management, Reporting, Learning Focus, Transitions, Extra-Curricular, Homework, General Satisfaction. 

2. Student Behaviour including Student Safety and Classroom Behaviour. 

3. Student Engagement including Student Motivation, Social Skills and Student Connectedness to Peers. 

The results of this year’s survey shows there was a drop in responses received as 42 out of 79 surveys provided information for the school. Overall we have results very similar to same school type. ‘Parent Input’ is fractionally greater for our school as is ‘Student Behaviour Management’ when compared to same school type.

Given the small sample it was still pleasing to see that the four highest rated aspects were: General Satisfaction, Approachability, School Connectedness of Students and Student Motivation. Aspects which parents rated less highly were: Homework and Extra Curricula. 

Our results are above state in Parent Input, Reporting, Classroom Behaviour, Student Motivation and School Connectedness.

We always find valuable information which we act upon. As part of ongoing improvement the Education Department is looking to reviewing the survey format and content. Given the rich response we received from the school designed survey distributed earlier this year we have considerable positive parent perspectives about what you value about this school as well as aspects that we need to further focus on for growth and improvement. It was reaffirming to see that all the work that has gone into continuous school improvement is being valued by parents and making a difference to parent satisfaction.