Thank you to the parents who came in over the past month to talk to me about their child and grade placement aspects which need consideration when making up 2016 groupings. Emails from parents have also been very valuable when parents were not able to come in for a meeting. The information you have provided will be added to all the information we have at hand from teacher knowledge and also student requests to make up what we hope will produce 23 well-balanced classes.

Students have input into the grade composition process as well as parents and teachers. They are asked to select 5 'learning friends' that they wish to be with in the coming year. We do ensure that every child has at least one of their chosen friends and often they have more than one. We do keep a record of who they write down because over the course of the summer break friendships and memories may change. 

Teachers will be starting to put together 2016 grades over the coming weeks and have been asked to ensure that all classes have a range of abilities, a balanced mix of personalities and gender wherever possible. Teachers always put much thought and time into considering all the variables we have to handle when making up classes for the coming year. It is not possible to meet all requests however we do endeavour to do what is best, taking everyone’s needs into consideration.