Did you know the average number of kiddie photos parents are posting online before their little ones turn five years old is 973, according to new research out of the UK? 

Remember to always get consent when taking and posting images of others online. This is especially important when taking photos and videos in a school setting. As an eSmart school we endeavor to protect students, including their digital footprints and privacy, at all times. 

When sharing photos online, here’s some recommended safety tips from UK based non-for-profit organisation knowthenet:

• Check your privacy settings – not just once but regularly, to ensure that they haven’t changed. 

• Think before you upload – consider whether your picture is appropriate or whether it could cause embarrassment to your kid later on. And if you’re posting pics of other kids, seek permission first!

• Don’t overshare – there’s no need to upload every single picture you take, and in effect use social media as a family picture album.

• Track the changes of all social media sites you use – rules and regulations change all the time, so it’s important to keep abreast of your rights. 

For more information about this topic go to by-posting-too-many-pics/