All students need to wear a Sunsmart hat when outdoors at IEPS. The hat’s rim must be at least 6 cms wide. Baseball caps do not comply with regulations. We are so proud that our ‘no hats then play in shaded areas’ such as the breezeways and on the Junior school decking is well respected by our students.

It was also pleasing to see on Monday and Tuesday which were exceptionally hot days that few students came to school without a proper hat. With more high temperature and high UV days coming along we really do need ALL children to wear hats as well as appropriate clothing, preferably wearing school uniform. No sandals please.

We encourage students to also have sunscreen on their faces and arms. Thanks to PTFA for supplying classrooms with sunscreen. If your child has sensitive skin or allergic reactions to lotions we do advise that you supply him/her with their own tube of sunscreen.