On Friday morning we will be recognising and acknowledging the very important contributions made by Education Support (ES) staff in our school.

ES staff have many roles and responsibilities in our school, including the following:

  • Our integration aides care and provide special assistance for students with learning needs. Working under the direction of the class teacher they support individuals as well as small groups of children. They also liaise and assist parents. These wonderful and dedicated people at IEPS are: Ann Hutchins, Prue Jefferies, Karen Nixon, Luke Oldmeadow, Gita Patamia, Poly Stavrou and Lana Stratova.
  • Our office staff, Litsa Kirk, Karen Gibbons and Catherine Zerna, undertake a myriad of daily administrative tasks that keeps our school functioning smoothly. They handle our finances, bookings and communication and receive enquiries incredibly well. There is always a friendly hello and smile even when under enormous pressure in our busiest times. Their helpfulness and warm greeting is the first impression of our school for visitors as well as parents every day.
  • Our Canteen Manager Sonia Stiers prepares beautiful and healthy food for everyone so graciously from Tuesday to Friday each week. She also works as a teachers’ aide taking on clerical administrative tasks that then frees up teachers to concentrate on teaching.
  • Our library technician Catherine Mawson is incredibly knowledgeable and very helpful to everyone who needs her assistance accessing material from the library/resource centre. Catherine is also part of the O.H.&S. team, completing all the administrative and clerical tasks needed for this vital aspect of school function, and is a member of our Policy committee.
  • Our school nurse Hilda Hallinan is dedicated and thorough in her work dealing with the countless medical issues that arise through the year. She capably administers expert assistance to students and staff and keep our parents well informed for follow up if necessary. Having nurses on site provides peace of mind for teachers, parents and principal who are not trained medical personnel.

This group of staff members make a huge contribution to the wellbeing and effective running of this school, a great school where students thrive educationally, socially and emotionally. The appreciative words of recognition could go on and on.

Thank you to PTFA members for organising morning tea and a small gift on behalf of the parents and students of our school.