Developing partnerships to improve student Literacy and Numeracy learning is an integral part of our Early Years Program. We value parent involvement in classrooms and encourage parents, grandparents and family members as partners in the education of their children.

Each year around 40 parents complete the Classroom Helpers’ training program in February. This training is designed to prepare and skill parents for assisting in their child’s classroom as a parent helper. Training also makes them aware of their responsibilities in regards to their volunteer role.

Classroom helpers can be involved in a variety of literacy and numeracy classroom activities and learning centres, including supporting small groups or helping one or two children. Classroom Helpers at our school:

  • support the learning environment by ensuring a high level of engagement in classroom activities
  • provide further encouragement ?
  • help children to remain on task ?
  • provide a positive role model for learning ?
  • learn about current teaching and learning language and strategies to further enhance student learning at school and home ?
  • strengthen the home school relationships and partnerships ?
  • model our school value of respect and integrity by maintaining confidentiality, being responsible, fair and honest ?
  • show respect for the privacy of children and teachers.

Classroom helpers are a great source of support for the students and the teacher, however it is important that confidentiality must be practised and the privacy of every child respected and maintained at all times. Helpers are reminded that they are not to discuss any child with other parents, even the child’s parent. It is the role and professional responsibility of the teacher to communicate with each parent about their child’s progress, behaviour and general development.

If parent helpers are asked by a parent, “How is my child going in comparison with the other children in class?” they should advise the parent to speak to the class teacher. Obviously that parent is concerned about their child and the class teacher is the best person to offer advice and assistance. If a parent helper has a concern or question about something then he/she should speak with the class teacher, who will be happy to talk the matter over.

It is important to remember that this is the teacher’s work place. Trust and goodwill as well as a healthy learning environment is what all teachers are endeavouring to create.