In Term 4 we will be undertaking a review of our current four year strategic plan in line with DET guidelines. The school review provides an independent analysis of the school’s performance against the goals and targets on the

strategic plan. The formal review also evaluates the school's strengths and the impact of its improvement efforts. It involves a panel comprising an independent reviewer, school principal, the senior education improvement leader

(SEIL), school council president (or nominee) and at least two challenge partners specifically chosen to provide expert input and professional challenge.

Prior to the review, the school conducts a self-evaluation highlighting strengths, progress and opportunities for improvement. The school self-evaluation informs the reviewer of the school's analysis of progress against the goals, targets

and initiatives articulated in its School Strategic Plan. As part of the self-evaluation process we will seek input from all members of the community. Our Term 3 Curriculum day will allow our teachers the opportunity to focus on the self

evaluation and students will have input through conversations led by the Principal Advisory Group. Parents and carers will be invited to contribute to the process by attending an evening workshop in Term 3. Further information will be

provided next term.