At IEPS, our teachers are highly engaged and motivated professionals who are focused on improving the learning growth of all of our students. In order to achieve this they engage in regular evidence based professional learning

which includes:

  • Writing instruction and coaching with Deb Sukarna
  • Mathematics instruction and coaching with the Mathematics Association of Victoria

  • Leadership coaching with Julie Symons.

Our teachers also work closely in their teaching teams to apply this learning where they:

  • Meet weekly to share student assessment, evaluate their teaching and determine the next steps of learning for their students
  • Engage in a continual process of assessment which includes formal and informal tools such as tests and student feedback

  • Plan the learning program together based on the Victorian Curriculum and student needs

  • Continually reflect on their teaching for improvement through professional conversations and peer observation.

Each of our teachers is also a member of a professional learning team based on the 2018 Annual Implementation Plan where they implement whole school improvement initiatives in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Student Wellbeing

and Student Voice and Agency.

As members of the DET PLC initiative, all of our teams are working together to explore how to effectively use student feedback to improve learning.