IEPS has been selected to participate in the DET Professional Learning Communities initiative in 2018. Members of the Leadership Team and our Team Leaders have commenced working with a dedicated PLC manager and will

participate in a number of professional learning modules throughout the year so that we can build our collective impact on student learning.

Found in all effective PLCs are 10 principles that bring together the best available research on school improvement:


  • Student learning focus: School improvement starts with an unwavering focus on student learning.

  • Collective responsibility: For every child to achieve, every adult must take responsibility for their learning.

  • Instructional leadership: Effective school leaders focus on teaching and learning.

  • Collective efficacy: Teachers make better instructional decisions together.

  • Adult learning: Teachers learn best with others, on the job.

  • Privileged time: Effective schools provide time and forums for teacher conversations about student learning.

  • Continuous improvement: Effective teams improve through recurring cycles of diagnosing student learning needs, and planning, implementing and evaluating teaching responses to them.

  • Evidence driven: Effective professional learning and practice is evidence based and data driven.

  • System focus: The most effective school leaders contribute to the success of other schools.

  • Integrated regional support: Schools in improving systems are supported by teams of experts who know the communities they work in.

The team structure at IEPS provides the foundation for these 10 principles where teachers have dedicated time each week to meet to discuss student achievement, plan and interpret assessment and plan the learning program. The

time spent together allows us to focus on sharing responsibility for student achievement and building our collective knowledge through weekly staff learning and participation in professional learning and coaching with leading educators

such as Julie Symons, Deb Sukarna and the Maths Association Victoria.