Thank you for your generous contributions to the Building and Library Funds, which have increased by over 25% compared to last year. The contributions to the Library Fund allow us to continue to update the collection so that

students have access to the latest fiction and non-fiction texts.  We will also be able to purchase additional technology such as iPads that can be borrowed by teachers to use within the classroom to support learning programs.

We will be having further discussions as a school community to have input into the school building Master Plan, which will be prepared by Law Architects. This plan may be influenced by the VSBA’s investigations into the potential use

of the Mother of God site so we will take the necessary time to ensure that all factors are considered. Once the Master Plan is finalised, we will work together through a process of consultation to prioritise key projects funded by

proceeds of the 2017 Fun Fair, PTFA fundraising and from the Building Fund. Ongoing fundraising efforts will be focused on updating the school facilities according to the priorities identified in the Master Plan.

We thank you for your support to ensure that we provide a rich and engaging learning program within a high quality learning environment.