Thank you to our teaching teams for sharing key aspects of the learning program at last week’s Information Nights. The high levels of attendance demonstrate the importance of these events and we look forward to continuing the

conversation with you about your child’s learning during this week’s parent teacher meetings. These meetings provide you with the valuable opportunity to meet with the class teacher and share relevant information about your child’s

learning and personal needs.


Our Moral Purpose and How We Work Together

During 2017, students, parents and teachers considered the following questions:


  • What is our purpose?

  • How do we work together?


Through rich conversations and analysis of the responses, our teaching teams have identified the following:

Our Moral Purpose

To provide a learning environment where all students are known and cared for so they can be challenged and supported to achieve.

To achieve this we:


  • Build respectful relationships with all members of the school community

  • Foster collaborative practices and shared responsibility for high student growth and wellbeing

  • Utilise purposeful assessment and feedback including student voice and goals to drive teaching and learning


These statements underpin all of the work that we do to support student learning and wellbeing at IEPS.