Thank you very much to the IEPS School Council and PTFA for the commitment, energy and wisdom that they share with the school community. These vital groups work tirelessly at bringing the community together to harness our

collective knowledge and skills to ensure that our students have a positive experience at school. Thank you in particular to Catherine Ahlberg as School Council President for leading School Council and for ensuring that we have rich

conversations to inform decision making. Also to Bec Bolden and Leanne Bradford as Co-Presidents of the PTFA for harnessing the talent and enthusiasm of our parents and the local community to come together for the benefit of the

students, teachers and families of IEPS. We acknowledge Bec and Leanne as they step down from the co-President role and thank them for their leadership and commitment.

Thank you again to the wonderful Fun Fair Committee for ensuring the success of this year’s event. Your vision, focus and commitment ensured that the day was enjoyed by all members of the school community and raised valuable

funds to future proof our school buildings. We look forward to sharing the MasterPlan with you once it is completed.

Thank you also to all of our parents, grandparents and carers who have contributed to IEPS this year. We are grateful to you all for the support that you give to the school in so many ways.