Ivanhoe East Primary School prides itself on the way that our teaching teams collaborate to provide a rich learning program for our students. As a whole school, we work together to explore how we can continue to strengthen teaching

and learning. In 2018, we will continue our focus on building strong teams who use ongoing assessment to plan a targeted teaching program based on student need and interest.

At this time of year we say farewell to some members of our team and welcome new and returning staff. We say thank you and farewell to Gayle Raftery who will be retiring after 28 years at IEPS. Gayle has made a strong and

everlasting contribution to the IEPS community and she has had a significant influence on so many young people during her time at the school. Gayle will be sadly missed and we wish her well for a relaxing and well-deserved retirement.

We also say thank you and farewell to classroom teacher Amanthi Jayasinghe and Teacher Assistant Brooke Carlile. We wish them all well for the future and thank them for the positive influence that they have had on student learning

throughout the year.

Here are the 2018 Teaching Teams:


  • Jennie Alagiozidis
  • Tess Ennoss
  • Sophie Herbert
  • Katherine King

Year 1

  • Joanna King
  • Rochelle Monteleone
  • Tiffany Wishart

Year 2

  • Sally Calvert
  • Amanda Dwyer
  • Toby Rose
  • Katie Thompson

Year 3

  • Susan Coward
  • Jayne Brosolo (Christopher) and Kim Liss
  • Jayne -Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
  • Kim- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Jenny Li

Year 4

  • Sarah Blackman
  • Humaira Chaudhry
  • Val Zenel

Year 5

  • Fran Gould
  • Andrew Lamers
  • Ben Phillips
  • Alexandra Silvestro

Year 6

  • Ashley Hamilton
  • Kim Seng
  • Lauren Turner

Learning Enhancement Teachers

  • Julie Vickery, Rebecca Charlesworth, Judy Garner

Teaching Support Term 1

  • Madeline Coulter

Teacher Mentor- Student Needs

  • Kaylene Adams

Specialist Team

  • Art- Christopher Yoos/Beth Stewart
  • Mandarin- Qin Zhang
  • Music- Lauren Fairbairn
  • PE-Justin Bartlett