School Council has approved the Curriculum Days for 2018, which are included here with the term dates for next year. Please put these into your calendars.

Term 1

Curriculum Days

Monday 29th January

Tuesday 30th January

First Day of Term 1 (Year 1-6)

Wednesday 31st January

First Day of Term 1 (Prep)

Thursday 1st Feb

Last Day of Term 1

Thursday 29th March


Term 2

First Day of Term 2

Monday 16th April

Curriculum Day

Friday 11th May

Variance to School Day (Reporting to parents)

Thursday 28th June

Last Day of Term 2

Friday 29th June


Term 3

Curriculum Day

Monday 16th July

First Day of Term 3

Tuesday 17th July

Last Day of Term 3

Friday 21st September


Term 4

First Day of Term 4

Monday 8th October

Last Day of Term 4

Friday 21st December