Yesterday we welcomed three principals from China who are visiting Melbourne as part of the Victoria/Jiangsu Principals’ Forum. The objectives of this program are to:

  • Learn more about the education systems in Jiangsu and Victoria
  • Share best practice in school based curriculum development
  • Explore the development of sister school partnerships between Jiangsu and Victoria.

The principals joined two representatives from the Department of Education and Ms Qin Zhang and myself took them on a tour throughout the school. They were impressed by the Writers’ Notebook program, the way that students engaged

with each other and their teachers and the way that we deliver the curriculum in a way that personalises learning for our students. They particularly enjoyed speaking to some of our Year 6 students who were working on their Big Day Out

projects. The students explained how they are planning and budgeting for a day in the city as a part of their Economics and Business focus. 

School Council has endorsed the development of a sister school partnership between IEPS and a school in China. Such a relationship would provide context for the learning of Mandarin and help build global competencies for our students

through shared projects. It also provides our staff with the opportunity to learn from another education system and contribute on a broader level.