We are creating a new learning space for our 2018 Year 6 students in the current library area. Later this term, the library will move to the classroom currently occupied by 2R so that it will be ready for the start of 2018.

The new learning space in the library will provide a dedicated teaching space for each of the three Year 6 classes as well as further opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate with each other.

We will hold an information session for our current Year 5 families on Tuesday the 5th December at 7pm where we will share the vision for Year 6 in 2018. Parents and students will have the opportunity to explore what learning will look like

and how we will create a learning community focused on meeting the needs of all students.  Prior to this, I will host a focus group for parents of students who are currently in Year 5 to find out the key information that they would like

presented at this information session. This will be held at 8:15am on Thursday the 23rd November.  A separate notice will be sent to our Year 5 families with Trybooking links for both of these events.

We will also be welcoming a number of new students into our school from Year 1 – 6 with Sally Calvert leading the transition program for these students. They will have the opportunity to spend time with their year level to make connections

with other students and become more familiar with the school.